Case Study: How The Silver Store Reduced Manual Work and Increased Sales Using our Designer Tool

 The Silver Store


The Silver Store is an Australia-based small business. The store specializes in photo-engraved, custom-engraved hand-writing, hand-written, and fingerprint-engraved silver jewelry pieces. It sells all sorts of pieces like necklaces, chains, keyrings, etc.


PHP, WordPress, Magento 2, Angular, Node, HTML5, CSS3

Project Highlights

  • The client started with a recurring subscription of our essential version with no add-ons
  • After initial setup, we helped our client to configure her best selling products with our design tool
  • The store started seeing more customers who could customize their jewelry without any difficulty using the tool. Hence, our client decided to configure products with the tool.
  • To further make product customization easy for the end-users, we configured products with ready-to-use templates.
  • After four months, our client renewed her support period and moved to a one-time solution with some add-ons. Throughout purchasing the server and its setup, our network team guided them at every step.
  • Currently, the client is using our tool for most of her products, and she recently renewed her support period again.


One of the biggest challenges our client was facing was manual work. The traditional way of getting images or text from her customers was time-consuming. She wanted to reduce manual work and let shoppers give a personal touch to her products.

To enable customers to create a truly personal gift, our client extended her store functionality by integrating our Brush Your Ideas online product design tool. Now customers can add a personal touch by adding names, logos, favorite symbols, family monograms, and other customization options.

Project Requirement

The client was looking for a design tool that can reduce her manual work and also help her end customers by displaying designs on the products as per their requirements. She was looking for a tool with which her end customer can apply text, image, clipart, etc., to her jewelry products to further engrave them. Also, she was expecting to set up ready-made templates which can make their end customers' process easier.


We have helped our client to configure different types of products both simple and configurable, with our designer tool.

  • Our data entry team has set up ready-made templates for different products. This enables end customers to either directly buy custom jewelry or do minimal personalization changes.
  • Enhanced our Arc, Template, Text features to cater to her requirements.
  • As per her business logic, we enhanced our text alignment features so that the text can be center-aligned by default.
  • We installed add-ons like admin-managed custom templates and lock features to fulfill her requirements for templates.


Our team set up different products (with and without templates) for the client. Now, end customers can easily choose their required product and use our tool to personalize further. The output files generated after purchase are helpful for our client and her team to engrave those jewelry products further.


With the product design tool integrated, our client has seen an increase in sales generated. Moreover, the user-friendly UI of the tool and its many features have made personalization a lot easier for shoppers. This has helped improve the overall customer satisfaction rate and loyalty.

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