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Case studies - Water and smoke

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Our strong knowledge of the world of wastewater and smoke treatment guarantees you quality assurance for the success of your industrial production line and/or the introduction of new equipment. We design your mixing tanks for the preparation of lime milk or activated carbon slip.
Examples of applications: lime milk preparation, urea dissolution, activated carbon treatment, alumina sulphate treatment, sludge management, transfer, storage, cooling, smoke treatment...


Adblue manufacturing process

Processed materials: liquid urea - Dissolution of urea - The 500m² facility consists of the production unit, polypropylene and HDPE storage tanks and storage of solid urea big bags.

Liming of sewage sludge from a big bag emptying

Processed powder: Lime - Sludge liming - Manufacturer of dairy products - The project consists of adding lime at the outlet of the filter press for the treatment of water from the manufacturing...

Urea dissolution skid for adblue production

Processed powders: solid urea, demined water and liquid urea - Adblue, Urea, Denox - Supplier of DeNOX solutions for thermal power plants to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

Bag dumping and pneumatic conveying of activated carbon and lime

Powder processed: activated carbon and lime (with a respective bulk density of 0.5 ton/m³ and 0.6 ton/m³) - Drinking water filtration - The customer requires a pneumatic conveying system, at a rate of...

Industrial mill on a fumes purification line

Bulk material processed: sodium bicarbonate - Injection of sodium bicarbonate - The Palamatic Process pin mill plays an important role since the grain size has a direct impact on the efficiency of the...

Pneumatic conveying and ashes storage

Processed materials: ashes - Incineration plant - Leading company in the supply of waste management and recovery solutions, expert in the whole waste cycle.

Our offer includes the incorporation of carbonate in smoke ducts, the dispersion of activated carbon or the dissolution of urea.
The stirring methods we recommend are diverse: homogenization, dissolution, suspension, dilution, flocculation...
Together, we define the technical solutions adapted to your production objectives and in accordance with your manufacturing requirements. Our innovative technical expertise and experience in the wastewater and smoke treatment industry enable us to offer solutions for turnkey installations or for the integration of new equipment on your production lines.

production line palamatic process

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